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will.i.am An entry by Prof. Patrick Henry Winston

will.i.am An entry by Prof. Patrick Henry Winston I got an email the other day from Professor Patrick Henry Winston ’65, SM ’67, PhD ’70 about a blog entry he thought you might enjoy (via Slice of MIT). You may recall his previous guest entry. will.i.am by Professor Patrick Henry Winston ’65, SM ’67, PhD ’70 Will likes to see stuff at MIT whenever he is in town. This time I took him to see robots in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory, wearable computing in the Media Lab, and miscellaneous cool stuff in the Precision Engineering Research Group. It wasn’t hard to find people to help out. We walked around for three hours. Then, he was off to do soundchecks. A few hours after he learned about energy-storing inverse lakes, he and his Black Eyed Peas played to a sold-out crowd at the TD Banknorth Garden. I always like amazing people, like Will, who is highly creative, does interesting things, and is interested in the future. MIT attracts amazing, highly creative, interesting, interested people like honey attracts bears. And on top of all that, Will is a fan of my field, Artificial Intelligence. Be sure to play the video on the Peas homepage. Anyway, when Will and his entourage were about to leave, and all the obligatory pictures were taken, he asked, as he generally does, if I could use a few tickets for the show. “Hey, that would be great,” I said. I like the Peas, and besides, I hadn’t been to a good concert since the Rolling Stones were in town in ‘06. Alas, my daughter seized the tickets. “You’re nowhere near cool enough to go,” she said, “and I have some friends.” Maybe I should find a new place to buy clothes. Heres the video Prof. Winston was referencing (will.i.am getting excited about AI): According to MIT CSAIL, will.i.am is an amateur robotics enthusiast. They note, During his tour of CSAIL, the artist had a look at projects from Daniela Rus Distributed Robotics Lab, Russ Tedrakes Robot Locomotion Group, and Nicholas Roys Robust Robotics Group. Prof. Winston posted a whole bunch of will.i.am/MIT photos on his site check it out!

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Life and Leadership of Abraham Lincoln - 3614 Words

Abraham Lincoln was born to Thomas and Nancy (nee Hanks) Lincoln in Sinking Spring Farm, Kentucky on February 12, 1809 in a cabin in the backwoods three miles south of Hodgenville (McPherson). His family lived meagerly with his clothes being fashioned from the skins of animals his fathers shot down. He helped his parents around the house weeding the garden, bringing in firewood and water, gathering wild grapes from the woods, and helping to sow seeds at planting time (Thomas, 2008). Years later when Lincoln was running for Presidency of the United States, a campaign biographer, John Locke Scripps, asked him about his childhood years in Kentucky. Without hesitating, Lincoln replied: Why, Scripps, it is a great piece of folly to attempt to make anything out of my early life. It can all be condensed into a single sentence and that sentence you will find in Grays elegy The short and simple annals of the poor (2008). In the spring of 1811, the Lincoln family moved to a farm in Knob Creek the first home that Lincoln states remembering. There was a trail the Cumberland Trail that ran from Louisville to Nashville close to their farm on which pioneers with wagons and driven livestock headed for the Northwest. There were also peddlers with their wares, preachers, and lines of slaves all tied together following their masters (Thomas, 2008). There were not many slaves that lived around Lincolns farm mainly because of the sentiment among the Methodists and particular the Baptists,Show MoreRelatedThe Legacy Of Abraham Lincoln Essay944 Words   |  4 PagesAbraham Lincoln The President that was murdered because he forever freed the slaves in 1863 is how many people in today’s society remember the sixteenth president of the United States of America. President Abraham Lincoln leadership qualities and accomplishments go far beyond that life altering proclamation. American educator Dr. Stephen Covey states, â€Å"Always surround yourself with people who are even more talented and competent than you† This quote is relevant to the leadership skills and qualitiesRead MoreLeadership Skills And Qualities Of President Abraham Lincoln936 Words   |  4 PagesPresident Abraham Lincoln leadership qualities and accomplishments go far beyond that life altering proclamation. American educator Dr. Stephen Covey states, â€Å"Always surround yourself with people who are even more talented and competent than you† This quote is relevant to the leadership skills and qualities of President Abraham Lincoln because he was known for the quality of st aff he appointed to serve alongside him as president.according to Historian Doris Goodwin President Abraham Lincoln appointedRead MoreLincoln Movie Leadership Analysis1380 Words   |  6 PagesFairhurst Leadership Communication 4008 8 December 2015 Lincoln Essay The year is 1865 and the Civil War death toll has risen just over six-hundred-thousand men. The freedoms sought out by our nation’s founders, now jeopardized by the secession of eleven states from the Union. The fate of The United States of America now laid upon the broad shoulders of our nations sixteenth commander-in-chief, President Abraham Lincoln. In a term marked by the burden of complete social upheaval, Abraham Lincoln wasRead MoreLeadership Brief : Abraham Lincoln996 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Brief: Abraham Lincoln One of the greatest presidential leaders goes by the name Abraham Lincoln. Throughout his lifetime, he has a wide range of different accomplishments that has affected thousands of people in various ways. Traits and qualities that Lincoln held led him to become an effective leader. In fact, Abraham knew what was best for his country that would produce the largest impact for the citizens. Literature Review To illustrate Abraham’s intelligence, he bought books toRead MoreLeadership Brief : Abraham Lincoln969 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership Brief: Abraham Lincoln Abraham Lincoln was one of the greatest presidential leaders. Throughout his lifetime, he has a wide range of different accomplishments that has affected thousands of people in various ways. President Lincoln held key traits and qualities that have led him to become an effective leader. Abraham knew what was best for his country that would produce the largest impact for the citizens. Literature Review Abraham bought books to study and teach himself when he wasRead MoreLeaders Of The 19th And 20th Century Essay1316 Words   |  6 Pageswill forever be grateful to the many pioneers who courageously embraced major leadership roles and enhanced the quality of life for others. Leaders of the 19th and 20th century appeared to be more aggressive and consistent in their pursuit to implement change. Being an advocate for injustice and ensuring the passing of laws were not sought after to redeem bragging rights; the point was to make life better. Leadership today has taken on a new definition and appearance due to the advancement of technologyRead MoreLegacy Of Abraham Lincoln s Legacy Essay1582 Words   |  7 PagesLegacy Leader: Abraham Lincoln A legacy leader is someone who has left a positive and lasting impression in society due to his or her leadership qualities and/or traits. Abraham Lincoln is a prime example of a legacy leader due to the leadership traits he displayed throughout his presidency. Abraham Lincoln was the 16th President of the United States. He exhibited great leadership qualities such as integrity, duty, and selfless service. Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation and hisRead MoreAbraham s Intelligence Of The United States929 Words   |  4 Pagesteach himself when he was young to become a brilliant man. In fact, Lincoln taught himself law and eventually was able to pass the bar exam to become a lawyer, he accomplished this in 1836. Abraham had the chance to do this with the assistance of John Todd Stuart, John let Abraham borrow books to study from to pass the bar exam. With this achievement, Lincoln had the chance to practice being an attorney, and led in his successful life. Aft er some time passed, people elected him to be a part of the URead MoreMore Than Just A Five Dollar Bill1429 Words   |  6 Pagesleader. In my opinion the nations best leader is featured on our five dollar bill, Abraham Lincoln. Abraham Lincoln truly helped change the United States of America in some of the worst times. With President Abraham Lincoln being such a great leader, it lead him to accomplishing many great things. President Lincoln is often remembered for the laws that he passed. The first law that President Abraham Lincoln passed was the Homestead Act. This Homestead Act was passed to help improve the WesternRead MoreAbraham Lincoln : A Man Of Courage1459 Words   |  6 PagesAbraham Lincoln â€Å"Courage is not the absence of fear. It is going forward with the face of fear† - Abraham Lincoln. Lincoln was a man of courage who many looked up to during the civil war. Lincoln was born in Hodgenville, Kentucky, and grew up western frontier in Kentucky and Indiana. He was self-educated and became a lawyer in Illinois, a Whig Party leader and member of Illinois House of Representative, which he served for twelve year. Lincoln got a sense of what it took to be a leader of the

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The Transition Of Agriculture During The Rio Perdido Valley

Based on the research in Mexico, my theory is that the transition to agriculture in Mesoamerica began in the Rio Perdido Valley. There is not a lot of sufficient evidence, but what little evidence there is seems to suggest that the people in these sites (9 and 10) had a sedentary way of life and a rapid transition from having no domesticated late maize to having 40% late maize. It seems likely that this is where the transition to agriculture began, but again, it is difficult to tell based on the small amount of evidence that we have. Across the board, all the sites show a decrease in wild plants and animals, and a corresponding increase in domesticated squash, beans and early and late maize. Maize and Teosinte developed different characteristics to suit human needs based on human selection, such as larger grain sizes and tighter seed pods that couldn’t spread without human help. I think that Site 13, Cueva Tucan, provides good evidence of domesticated plants, because it has the largest percentage of domesticated crops at 7-3 KBC and domesticated late maize jumps from 25% to 40% between 2-1 KBC and 1-0 KBC. Wild crops decrease steadily with increasing domestication, revealing a transition from foraging subsistence to reliance on domesticated crops. This gradual transition of plant domestication seems to be incidental rather than intentional. Site 10, Bini Chuj, provides the best evidence for an agricultural way of life. This site has domesticated crops early on like

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Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 1 Free Essays

I wished the guy on top of me would hurry up because I was getting bored. Unfortunately, it didn’t seem like he was going to finish anytime soon. Brad or Brian or whatever his name was thrust away, eyes squeezed shut with such concentration that you would have thought having sex was on par with brain surgery or lifting steel beams. We will write a custom essay sample on Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 1 or any similar topic only for you Order Now â€Å"Brett,† I panted. It was time to pull out the big guns. He opened one eye. â€Å"Bryce.† â€Å"Bryce.† I put on my most passionate, orgasmic face. â€Å"Please†¦please†¦don’t stop.† His other eye opened. Both went wide. A minute later, it was all over. â€Å"Sorry,† he gasped, rolling off me. He looked mortified. â€Å"I don’t know†¦didn’t mean†¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"It’s okay, baby.† I felt only a little bad about using the don’t stop trick on him. It didn’t always work, but for some guys, planting that seed completely undid them. â€Å"It was amazing.† And really, that wasn’t entirely a lie. The sex itself had been mediocre, but the rush afterward†¦the feel of his life and his soul pouring into me†¦yeah. That was pretty amazing. It was what a succubus like me literally lived for. He gave me a weary smile. The energy he’d had now flowed in my body. Its loss had exhausted him, burned him out. He’d sleep soon and would probably continue sleeping a great deal over the next few days. His soul had been a good one, and I’d taken a lot of it – as well as his life itself. He’d now live a few years less, thanks to me. I tried not to think about that as I hurriedly put on my clothes. Instead, I focused on how I’d done what I had to do for my own survival. Plus, my infernal masters required me to seduce and corrupt good souls on a regular basis. Bad men might make me feel less guilty, but they didn’t fulfill Hell’s quota. Bryce seemed surprised at my abrupt departure but was too worn out to fight it. I promised to call him – having no intention of doing so – and slipped out of the room as he lapsed into unconsciousness. I’d barely cleared his front door before shape-shifting. I’d come to him as a tall, sable-haired woman but now once again wore my preferred shape, petite with hazel-green eyes and light brown hair that flirted with gold. Like most of my life, my features danced between states, never entirely settling on one. I put Bryce out of my mind, just like I did with most men I slept with, and drove across town to what was rapidly becoming my second home. It was a tan, stucco condo, set into a community of other condos that tried desperately to be as hip as new construction in Seattle could manage. I parked my Passat out front, fished my key out of my purse, and let myself inside. The condo was still and quiet, wrapped in darkness. A nearby clock informed me it was three in the morning. Walking toward the bedroom, I shape-shifted again, swapping my clothes for a red nightgown. I froze in the bedroom’s doorway, surprised to feel my breath catch in my throat. You’d think after all this time, I would have gotten used to him, that he wouldn’t affect me like this. But he did. Every time. Seth lay sprawled on the bed, one arm tossed over his head. His breathing came deep and fitful, and the sheets lay in a tangle around his long, lean body. Moonlight muted out the color of his hair, but in the sun, its light brown would pick up a russet glow. Seeing him, studying him, I felt my heart swell in my chest. I’d never expected to feel this way about anyone again, not after centuries of feeling so†¦empty. Bryce had meant nothing to me, but this man before me meant everything. I slid into bed beside him, and his arms instantly went around me. I think it was instinctual. The connection between us was so deep that even while unconscious, we couldn’t stay away from each other. I pressed my cheek to Seth’s chest, and his skin warmed mine as I fell asleep. The guilt from Bryce faded, and soon, there was only Seth and my love for him. I slipped almost immediately into a dream. Except, well, I wasn’t actually in it, at least not in the active sense. I was watching myself, seeing the events unfold as though at a movie. Only, unlike a movie, I could feel every detail. The sights, the sounds†¦it was almost more vivid than real life. The other Georgina was in a kitchen, one I didn’t recognize. It was bright and modern, far larger than anything I could imagine a non-cook like me needing. My dream-self stood at the sink, arms elbow-deep in sudsy water that smelled like oranges. She was hand-washing dishes, which surprised my real-self – but was doing a shoddy job, which did not surprise me. On the floor, an actual dishwasher lay in pieces, thus explaining the need for manual labor. From another room, the sounds of â€Å"Sweet Home Alabama† carried to my ears. My dream-self hummed along as she washed, and in that surreal, dream sort of way, I could feel her happiness. She was content, filled with a joy so utterly perfect, I could barely comprehend it. Even with Seth, I’d rarely ever felt so happy – and I was pretty damned happy with him. I couldn’t imagine what could make my dream-self feel this way, particularly while doing something as mundane as washing dishes. I woke up. To my surprise, it was full morning, bright and sunny. I’d had no sense of time passing. The dream had seemed to last only a minute, yet the nearby alarm clock claimed six hours had passed. The loss of the happiness my dream-self had experienced made me ache. Weirder than that, I felt†¦not right. It took me a moment to peg the problem: I was drained. The life energy I needed to survive, the energy I’d stolen from Bryce, was almost gone. In fact, I had less now than I’d had before going to bed with him. It made no sense. A burst of life like that should have lasted a couple weeks at least, yet I was nearly as wiped out as he’d been. I wasn’t low enough to start losing my shape-shifting ability, but I’d need a new fix within a couple of days. â€Å"What’s wrong?† Seth’s sleepy voice came from beside me. I rolled over and found him propped on one elbow, watching me with a small, sweet smile. I didn’t want to explain what had happened. Doing so would mean elaborating on what I’d done with Bryce, and while Seth theoretically knew what I did to survive, ignorance really was bliss. â€Å"Nothing,† I lied. I was a good liar. He touched my cheek. â€Å"I missed you last night.† â€Å"No, you didn’t. You were busy with Cady and O’Neill.† His smile turned wry, but even as it did, I could see his eyes start to take on the dreamy, inward look he got when he thought about the characters in his novels. I’d made kings and generals beg for my love in my long life, yet some days, even my charms couldn’t compete with the people who lived in Seth’s head. Fortunately, today wasn’t one of those days, and his attention focused back on me. â€Å"Nah. They don’t look as good in a nightgown. That’s very Anne Sexton, by the way. Like ‘candy store cinnamon hearts.'† Only Seth would use a bipolar poet as a compliment. I glanced down and ran an absentminded hand over the red silk. â€Å"This does look pretty good,† I admitted. â€Å"I might look better in this than I do naked.† He scoffed. â€Å"No, Thetis. You do not.† I smiled, as I always did, when he used the pet name he coined for me. In Greek mythology, Thetis had been Achilles’ mother, a shape-shifting goddess won by a determined mortal. And then, in what was an astonishingly aggressive move for him, Seth flipped me onto my back and began kissing my neck. â€Å"Hey,† I said, putting up a half-hearted struggle. â€Å"We don’t have time for this. I have stuff to do. And I want breakfast.† â€Å"Noted,† he mumbled, moving on to my mouth. I stopped my complaining. Seth was a wonderful kisser. He gave the kind of kisses that melted into your mouth and filled you with sweetness. They were like cotton candy. But there was no real melting to be had, not for us. With a well-practiced sense of timing that you could probably set a watch to, he pulled away from the kiss and sat up, removing his hands as well. Still smiling, he looked down at me and my undignified sprawl. I smiled back, squelching the small pang of regret that always came at these moments of retreat. But that was the way it was with us, and honestly, we had a pretty good system going when one considered all the complications in our relationship. My friend Hugh once had joked that all women steal men’s souls if they’re together long enough. In my case, it didn’t taken years of bickering. A too-long kiss would suffice. Such was the life of a succubus. I didn’t make the rules, and I had no way to stop the involuntary energy theft that came from intimate physical contact. I could, however, control whether that physical contact happened in the first place, and I made sure it didn’t. I ached for Seth, but I wouldn’t steal his life as I had Bryce’s. I sat as well, ready to get up, but Seth must have been feeling bold this morning. He wrapped his arms around my waist and shifted me onto his lap, pressing himself against my back so that his lightly stubbled face buried itself in my neck and hair. I felt his body tremble with the intake of a heavy, deep breath. He exhaled it just as slowly, like he sought control of himself, and then strengthened his grip on me. â€Å"Georgina,† he breathed against my skin. I closed my eyes, and the playfulness was gone. A dark intensity wrapped around us, one that burned with both desire and a fear of what might come. â€Å"Georgina,† he repeated. His voice was low, husky. I felt like melting again. â€Å"Do you know why they say succubi visit men in their sleep?† â€Å"Why?† My own voice was small. â€Å"Because I dream about you every night.† In most circumstances, that would have sounded trite, but from him, it was powerful and hungry. I squeezed my eyes tighter as a swirl of emotions danced within me. I wanted to cry. I wanted to make love to him. I wanted to scream. It was all too much sometimes. Too much emotion. Too much danger. Too much, too much. Opening my eyes, I shifted so that I could see his face. We held each other’s gazes, both of us wanting more and unable to give or take it. Breaking the look first, I slipped regretfully from his embrace. â€Å"Come on. Let’s go eat.† Seth lived in Seattle’s university district – the U-district to locals – and was within easy walking distance to assorted shops and restaurants that lay adjacent to the University of Washington’s campus. We found breakfast at a small caf? ¦, and omelets and conversation soon banished the earlier awkwardness. Afterward, we wandered idly up University Way, holding hands. I had errands to run, and he had writing to do, yet we were reluctant to part. Seth suddenly stopped walking. â€Å"Georgina.† â€Å"Hmm?† His eyebrows rose as he stared off at something across the street. â€Å"John Cusack is standing over there.† I followed his incredulous gaze to where a man very like Mr. Cusack did indeed stand, smoking a cigarette as he leaned against a building. I sighed. â€Å"That’s not John Cusack. That’s Jerome.† â€Å"Seriously?† â€Å"Yup. I told you he looked like John Cusack.† â€Å"Keyword: looked. That guy doesn’t look like him. That guy is him.† â€Å"Believe me, he’s not.† Seeing Jerome’s impatient expression, I let go of Seth’s hand. â€Å"Be right back.† I crossed the street, and as the distance closed between my boss and me, Jerome’s aura washed over my body. All immortals have a unique signature, and a demon like Jerome had an especially strong one. He felt like waves and waves of roiling heat – like when you open an oven and don’t stand far enough back. â€Å"Make it fast,† I told him. â€Å"You’re ruining my romantic interlude. Like usual.† Jerome dropped the cigarette and put it out with his black Kenneth Cole oxford. He glanced disdainfully around. â€Å"What, here? Come on, Georgie. This isn’t romantic. This place isn’t even a pit stop on the road to romance.† I put an angry hand on one hip. Whenever Jerome interrupted my personal life, it usually heralded a series of mishaps I’d never wanted to be involved in. Something told me this was no exception. â€Å"What do you want?† â€Å"You.† I blinked. â€Å"What?† â€Å"We’ve got a meeting tonight. An all staff meeting.† â€Å"When you say ‘all staff’, do you mean like all staff?† The last time Seattle’s supervising archdemon had gathered everyone in the area together, it had been to inform us that our local imp wasn’t â€Å"meeting expectations.† Jerome had let us all tell the imp good-bye and then banished the poor guy off to the fiery depths of Hell. It was kind of sad, but then my friend Hugh had replaced him, so I’d gotten over it. I hoped this meeting wouldn’t have a similar purpose. He gave me an annoyed look, one that said I was clearly wasting his time. â€Å"That’s the definition of all staff, isn’t it?† â€Å"When is it?† â€Å"Seven. At Peter and Cody’s. Don’t be late. Your presence is essential.† Shit. I hoped this wasn’t actually my going away party. I’d been on pretty good behavior lately. â€Å"What’s this about?† â€Å"Find out when you get there. Don’t be late,† he repeated. Stepping off the main thoroughfare and into the shadow of a building, the demon vanished. A feeling of dread spread through me. Demons were never to be trusted, particularly when they looked like quirky movie stars and issued enigmatic invitations. â€Å"Everything okay?† Seth asked me when I rejoined him. I considered. â€Å"In as much as it ever is.† He wisely chose not to pursue the subject, and he and I eventually separated to take care of our respective tasks. I was dying to know what this meeting could be about but not nearly as much as I wanted to know what had made me lose my energy overnight. And as I ran my errands – groceries, oil change, Macy’s – I also found the strange, brief dream replaying in my head. How could such a short dream have been so vivid? And why couldn’t I stop thinking about it? The puzzle distracted me so much that seven rolled around without me knowing it. Groaning, I headed off for my friend Peter’s place, speeding the whole way. Great. I was going to be late. Even if this meeting didn’t concern me and my impending unemployment, I might end up getting a taste of Jerome’s wrath after all. About six feet from the apartment door, I felt the hum of immortal signatures. A lot of them. My friends’ auras, familiar and beloved, sang to me instantly. A few others gave me pause as I tried to remember who they belonged to; the greater Puget Sound area had a host of hellish employees that I almost never interacted with. One signature I didn’t recognize at all. And one†¦one seemed almost familiar. I couldn’t quite put my finger on who it belonged to, though. I started to knock, decided an all staff meeting deserved more than jeans and a T-shirt, and shape-shifted my outfit into a brown dress with a low-cut, surplice top. My hair settled into a neat bun. I raised my hand to the door. An annoyed vampire I barely remembered let me in. She inclined her chin to me by way of greeting and then continued her conversation with another vampire I’d only met once. I think they worked out of Tacoma, which as I far as I was concerned might as well be annexed to Hell itself. My friend Hugh, dark-haired with a large frame, paced around while chatting animatedly on his cell phone. Jerome lounged in an armchair with a martini. His little-seen lieutenant demonesses stood in a corner, keeping to themselves as always. Peter and Cody – my good friends and the vampires who lived here – laughed about something in the kitchen with a few other hellish employees I only distantly knew. It could have been an ordinary cocktail party, almost a celebration. I hoped that meant no smiting tonight since that would have really put a damper on the atmosphere. No one had noticed my arrival except for Jerome. â€Å"Ten minutes late,† he growled. â€Å"Hey, it’s a fashionable – â€Å" My words were cut off as a tall, Amazonian blonde nearly barreled into me. â€Å"Oh! You must be Georgina! I’ve been dying to meet you.† I raised my eyes past spandex-clad double-D breasts and up into big blue eyes with impossibly long lashes. A huge set of beauty pageant teeth smiled down at me. My moments of speechlessness were few, but they did happen. This walking Barbie doll was a succubus. A really new one. So shiny and new, in fact, it was a wonder she didn’t squeak. I recognized her age both from her signature and her appearance. No succubus with any sense would have shape-shifted into that. She was trying too hard, haphazardly piling together an assortment of pseudo male-fantasy body parts. It left her with a Frankensteinian creation that was both jaw-dropping and probably anatomically impossible. Unaware of my astonishment and disdain, she took my hand and nearly broke it in a mammoth handshake. â€Å"I can’t wait to work with you,† she continued. â€Å"I am so ready to make men everywhere suffer.† I finally found my voice. â€Å"Who†¦who are you?† â€Å"She’s your new best friend,† a voice nearby said. â€Å"My, my look at you. Tawny’s going to have a tough standard to keep up with.† A man elbowed his way toward us, and whatever curiosity I’d felt in the other succubus’ presence disappeared like ashes in the wind. I forgot she was even there. My stomach twisted into knots as I ID’d the mystery signature. Cold sweat broke out along the back of my neck and seeped into the delicate fabric of the dress. The guy approaching was about as tall as me – which wasn’t tall – and had a dark, olive-toned complexion. There was more pomade on his head than black hair. His suit was nice – definitely not off the rack. A thin-lipped smile spread over his face at my dumbstruck discomfiture. â€Å"Little Letha, all grown up and out to play with the adults, eh?† He spoke low, voice pitched for my ears alone. Now, in the grand scheme of things, immortals like me had little to fear in this world. There were, however, three people I feared immensely. One of them was Lilith the Succubus Queen, a being of such formidable power and beauty that I would have sold my soul – again – for one kiss. Someone else who scared me was a nephilim named Roman. He was Jerome’s half-human son and had good reason to want to hunt me down and destroy me some day. The third person who filled me with fear was this man standing before me. His name was Niphon, and he was an imp, just like my friend Hugh. And, like all imps, Niphon really only had two jobs. One was to run administrative errands for demons. The other, his primary one, was to make contracts with mortals, brokering and buying souls for Hell. And he was the imp who had bought mine. How to cite Succubus Dreams CHAPTER 1, Essay examples

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The Origin Of Humanity Essays - Biological Evolution, Pseudoscience

The Origin Of Humanity We live on a planet believed to be 4.5 billion years of age with millions of people covering all parts of it. Where did they come from? Did the whole human population originate from one of people or were we placed here and then improved or changed by an intervention? I believe that humanity on planet earth was created by evolution. Both the creationist and interventionist theories seem to far fetched to be accountable theories for the creation of humanity on planet earth. There are a lot more questions that remain unanswered such as if spacemen put us on earth why didn't they bother to teach humans anything? And if the creationist theory were accurate why can't God control natural disasters on his planet? He is so clever to create everything known to mankind why doesn't he make the perfect world if he had that much control? There seems to be quite a bit more sustantial evidence on earth to support the theory of evolution. The evidence is holds up more because actual samples of fossils have been collected and scientifically tested using a method called carbon dating to determine the age of the fossils. Which can then be examined and placed along a timeline. The time periods show slight differences in bone structure showing what is hypothesized to be the human evolving. Evolving from what though? The theory of evolution states that creatures change overtime to suit their surroundings. This is called environmental adaptation. The more a creature can adapt to it's environment the greater chance it has of living and show an increase in population called survival of the fittest. A theory developed by a scientist nammed Charles Darwin who had conducted extensive research into the environmental adaptions of animals, for example the adaptation of the galapagos turtles from short neck to long neck so they could reach their food. This theory helps to prove the theory that humans evolved from apes so they could increase their chances of survival. The creationist theory is mearly pen and paper whereas the evolutionary theory is actual living proof that humans did evolve from apes and why the environmental adaptations have made humans the dominant creatures on earth.

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Reuse, Reduce, Recycle essays

Reuse, Reduce, Recycle essays Target Audience: Canadian Young adults of age 18-25 the masters of the future world. The idea of consumerism is deeply implanted into our minds. As we live on, we love to buy new things, use and abuse them, and throw them away once theyre lost value to us. We are destroying our world. We are using its resources faster than its generating them. On top of that, we are throwing away too much. The sad reality is that the Earth is no longer self-sustainable solely because of the existence of human. If we do not take action now, we will regret. As masters of the next world, we alone will bear the consequences. In less than fifty years, 3/4 of the world will be water deprived. Do you want to drink toxic water? I thought so. This report will help you to effectively take part in saving the planet. We will start with the most doable way, reducing waste, or more specifically, reducing solid waste. Before we start, lets consider some facts. Most wastes in the world are solid wastes. The United States is by far the largest producer of it. Solid waste includes everything from product packaging, furniture, clothing, bottles, food scraps, newspapers, appliances, paint, to batteries. Sadly, Canada is following the footsteps of United States. We are all gradually being sucked into the abyss of excessive resource-taking and waste-producing. As neighbours of the United States, we must realize that our lifestyles are of little difference to that of theirs. In essence, Canada has similar solid waste production as the United States, only on a smaller scale. For instance, Canadians produce almost as much waste per person per day as Americans do. In the year 2001 alone, U.S. residents, businesses, and institutions produced more than 229 million tons of solid waste. This is equivalent to approximately 4.4 pounds of waste per person per day, up from 2.7 pounds per person per day in 1960. Thats an increase of 61%! Ask yourself,...

Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Starting a Business Letter with Dear Mr.

Starting a Business Letter with Dear Mr. Starting a Business Letter with Dear Mr. Starting a Business Letter with Dear Mr. By Maeve Maddox Several years ago, when a reader said he refused to use â€Å"Dear So-and-So† to begin a business letter because dear is too intimate a word to use with a stranger, I assumed that he represented a minority of one. Who, I wondered, would interpret an established convention like â€Å"Dear Sir† literally? Little did I know! I’ve recently stumbled across numerous articles with titles like â€Å"Is ‘Dear’ Dead as a Salutation?† I was amazed to find comments like these: From an English professor Rarely would anyone use dear when writing a friend, but it might be appropriate when applying for a job or emailing a boss. From a teacher Several men admitted they couldn’t force themselves to use Dear to address a business acquaintance, especially one they didn’t like. From a business consultant Dear comes across as too formal–or simply plain creepy and overly intimate.  And between men, the use of it can appear a bit too effeminate. I was surprised to learn that â€Å"rarely would anyone use dear when writing a friend.† When I lived in England, I wrote a lot of letters: to my parents, my brother, grandmothers, my aunts, and friends. Every one of those letters began with â€Å"Dear So-and-So.† Mind you, they were also written by hand with a fountain pen. Even now, on the few occasions that I write a letter to a friend with the intention of putting it in an envelope and mailing it, I still begin with â€Å"Dear.† It’s a convention. It’s courteous. It’s respectful. Just as bizarre as saying that one rarely begins a letter to a friend with Dear is the idea that using Dear to address a business acquaintance is a source of stress in grown men. Certainly, email has changed the way people communicate in writing. Because of its memo format and ease of sending, email has developed relaxed conventions for informal exchanges between friends and colleagues. For this kind of writing, a formal salutation is out of place. But even with email, a distinction is to be drawn between informal and formal communication. â€Å"Hi, So-and-So† is not a suitable way to address an unknown recipient from whom you want something. â€Å"Hey, So-and-So† is worse. â€Å"Dear Mr. Jones† and â€Å"Dear Ms. Smith† are emotion-neutral writing conventions. What I find â€Å"simply plain creepy† is the notion that the salutation Dear can be construed as â€Å"intimate† or â€Å"effeminate† in the context of a business letter. As the professor says in The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, â€Å"Bless me, what do they teach them at these schools!† Related posts: ‘Dear Sir’ and Other Business Conventions Dear Sir Want to improve your English in five minutes a day? Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! Keep learning! Browse the Business Writing category, check our popular posts, or choose a related post below:Compared "to" or Compared "with"?Homonyms, Homophones, Homographs and HeteronymsWriting Styles (with Examples)